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Playing Warsow with a Wiimote

When I got more into Wii and heard about the cool things you can do with a Wiimote connected to a PC via Bluetooth I just needed a reason to check it out. Toying around in Warsow is my reason.

I briefly describe what you need to install and configure to run Warsow with a Wiimote. After reading that guide you should be able to use your Wiimote to move around maps, aim and shoot.

1. Getting the stuff

You need

  • A Bluetooth adapter (mostly USB or built into your laptop)
  • Blue Soleil
  • GlovePIE
  • Windows XP (Service Pack 2 suggested
  • A Wiimote (obviously)

Download the BlueSoleil Bluetooth software and drivers to enable connecting your Wiimote as another input device to Windows.

Download a demo to view it shows in Warsow.

(contains a small demo to show off)

More parts of the guide soon.

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