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lokirulez.de Cube Cup 2

The Cup is over. Thanks to all players, it was quite fun!

  1. lokirulez
  2. navajo
  3. radtad/Borti
  4. cube[nL]/S3chT[nL]/schwese

You can find demos and screenshots on the brackets-page.
Hi and welcome to the lokirulez.de Cube Cup 2.

This Cup is meant to played on one single day, exactly on Tuesday, 28th of March. Everyone addicted to Cube is invited to duel with others. You can pre-signup by sending an e-mail to myself AT lokirulez DOT de including your nickname. Participating is of course also possible by joining #lokirulez (Quakenet) 30 Minutes before the Cup is going to start. I'll publish a list on this page. Please join #lokirulez (Quakenet) before 1800 CET and confirm your slot. Thanks!

Please take 10 minutes to read the following information carefully so the Cup can run quickly and without any problems.

Short description

  • Game mode: Instagib Duel Cup
  • Tournament mode: Single-elimination
  • Round mode: Best-Of-Three
  • Maps: aard3, douze, hellsgate, gib, inkedskin, frag
  • Timelimit for each map: 10 Minutes
  • Quicklink to tournament structure: brackets

Where to get Cube and infos about it?

Timetable (brackets)

Quarterfinal (8 players) - 18.00 CET - decider map: gib
Semifinal (4 players)  - 18.45 CET - decider map: douze
Final     (2 players)  - 19.30 CET - decider map: frag

If the player count is >12 we'll have a 16 players bracket. Quarterfinal will be first round's time, semifinal will be quarterfinal's time and so on. Final should start at about 20.15 CET.


Mapchoice is Best-Of-Three, which means, that you have to win two maps to get in the next round. Possible results are 2:0 and 2:1. Each player can choose one map from the mappool. If result after two maps is 1:1 a decider map has to played. Check the for decider maps.


  • IP: lokirulez.game-server.cc PW: duel
  • IP: PW: cup (thanks to simp)
  • IP: prco23.org PW: fnords
  • IP: PW: duel (thanks to MeatROme)
  • more servers needed, please contact me (lokirulez)

Quick how-to create a server
  • Browse to your Cube dir an edit server.bat with a text editor (notepad)
  • Content of server.bat: bin\cube.exe -d -pduel -c2 -m -nCubeCup
  • Ensure that you have opened UDP Ports 27865 and 27865 in your firewall/NAT/router
  • Start server.bat
  • Copy your online ip here  and send it to your opponent
  • Start your Cube and type "/password SERVERPASSWORD" and connect with "/connect localhost" to your server
  • Fraggin'

Quick how-to make the match
  • Start Cube and set server's password with /password SERVERPASSWORD
  • Join server with /connect SERVERIP
  • Vote for your map with /insta MAPNAME
  • Get a short warmup and re-vote the map with /insta MAPNAME
  • Optionally record a demo with /record DEMONAME at the beginning of round
  • 10 minutes of fraggin'
  • Make a screenshot of the scoreboard like this one
  • ...repeat it with opponent's map
  • Report result of round in #lokirulez


  • Please behave and be a sportsman.
  • Play fair und give your opponent time for a short warmup.
  • Take screenshots from each scoreboard and upload them via http://www.imageshack.us/.
  • You may (not need to) record demos and upload them for public. Use http://www.sendspace.com/ for uploading files.
  • Give the image (and demo) url to me (lokirulez) so I can link it in the brackets.
  • If you have no time to play your matches left, let your opponent and me know.
  • Have fun!


Please stay and idle in #lokirulez (Quakenet) for the time you participate in the cup. You can leave afterwards. I will be online the whole evening, so please let me know if you have any problems with server, opponent whatever.

Players so far...

  • cube[nL]
  • radtad
  • S3chT[nL]
  • RzezniK
  • navajo
  • Borti
  • schwese
  • (lokirulez)

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